I now teach home recording workshops. The next one is scheduled for Sunday, August 2 at 1pm.
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Sing. Play. Awesomely.
Private & small group singing lessons, guitar lessons, vocal instruction, voice lessons or combo classes
taught by local, professional, 10+ years-of-teaching-experience instructor-teacher-coach, John Shapiro,
in my professional, comfortable studio located in the Highlands neighborhood of Denver, Colorado.
Student Photo
Tina singing and playing, probably something a rockin'.

FREE INTRO LESSON: I offer a free, full length, introductory guitar or vocal lesson (not a just consultation). So you can get an idea about what I teach and who I am, and find out if I am a good fit for you as an instructor and for what you'd like to learn.
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LEARN WHAT YOU WANT TO LEARN: I offer fun, inspiring, practical, useful, customized-to-you singing and guitar instruction for never-ever, beginning, intermediate and advanced students geared to your individual interests, goals and pace.
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INSTRUCTION IN MOST MUSICAL STYLES: I teach rock, folk, modern, pop, country, blues, heavy, R&B, ethnic/world, bluegrass, jazz, musical theater, etc. for singing-vocal-voice, acoustic guitar and electric guitar. I help you immediately make music you enjoy and see real improvement, all while complimenting your learning process with practical technical and music theory skills that are relevant to you.
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NEVER SUNG, PLAYED OR TAKEN LESSONS BEFORE? No worries. You've come to the right place! I teach lessons for never-ever students in a simple and straight-forward way that anyone can easily understand and apply to playing music or singing... Even those who may think they are non-musical, can't hold a tune and the like.
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Student Photo
Josh looking happy after singing like crazy.

CAN'T SING? Read the "special note" section on the about lessons page.

IN A BAND? PRO MUSICIAN-VOCALIST? I can help you, too! I've worked with dozens of local bands, artists and singers to help them improve their vocal abilities, learn the skills they want to learn and find/enhance their own unique sound. Read the "For pro, semi-pro and hobby musicians" section on the about lessons page.

DON'T HAVE A GUITAR? You don't need one for your free intro lesson, because during your lesson, you can use one of my guitars and I can help you figure out what guitar might work best for your budget and needs. Or you are welcome to contact me for free guitar buying advice.

DO YOU HAVE QUESTIONS? Please poke around this website, especially the FAQ section You are also welcome to contact me.

GIFT CERTIFICATES AVAILABLE: If you want to give the gift of music lessons, you receive 5 lessons for the price of 4. (So you get the same deal as regular students who get the free intro lesson.) Please go to the Gift Certificates Page for the details on how to purchase a gift certificate.

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Student Photo
Aidan, a 5th grader, tackling some classic rock.
Student Photo
Tami learning bass for her gigging bands she already fronts as a singer.